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Important Notice for foreigners visiting Nepal and Nepali Citizens Travelling Abroad



The following information is very much important to foreigners who are travelling to Nepal vis-à-vis Nepalese nationals who are visiting abroad. This information is intended to make your visit and stay in Nepal hassle free and smooth. If these instructions are duly complied, your travel and stay would be enjoyable and comfortable without facing any legal questions.

  1. If you are entering Nepal either from the land port or airports make sure that you have duly got departure stamped from the last port. If you have not got the departure stamped then it is a matter of inquiry for our Immigration.
  2. The Nepalese visa will be available from our embassies abroad, consular general offices and a few number of honorary consul offices also. We recommend the travelers to visit the missions abroad either yourself or please get the information through those mission’s websites which will be an authentic one.
  3. If your passport or Travel Document has special remarks or the particular sentence of conviction, such matters shall also be our concern of inquiry and we put under the consideration regarding the visa issuance.
  4. If your passport is found torn, soaked and damaged then such passports will not be entertained. The passport bearer is liable to make new passport or travel document.
  5. Make sure that your passport validity is at least 6 months and more
  6. While staying in Nepal, if you are willing to change the visa status, please visit our website and get informed or you can visit the department. The information you receive from other people may not be correct or may be misguiding.
  7. If you are inside Nepal with valid visa, you always need to carry your passport with you.
  8. If you are travelling to Nepal from one domestic airport to another airport, before buying flight ticket get your visa updated.
  9. If your passport or Travel Document is enlisted in SLTD (Stolen and Lost Travel Document), you will not receive the visa in Nepal. It’s your obligation to remove your name from SLTD before arriving Nepal.
  10. If you were in a temporary blacklist or INTERPOL notice then you will be under the further investigation and scrutiny.
  11. If you are a NRN (Non Resident Nepali), you also need to regulate your visa as per the visa law in Nepal. Otherwise it will be the subject of immigration control.
  12. If you are travelling with NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Identity, you must take the designated visa as per the visa law in Nepal.
  13. Before the departure from Nepal, make sure that your visa is duly updated. If found overstay then the case will be handled by the Department of Immigration (DoI) but not the airport and any other land ports in Nepal.
  14. Nepal Immigration is never ever responsible for the cancelation of your flights because of non-regulation of the visa matters. It’s only the traveler’s liability to fulfill the visa dues before the travelling dates.
  15. If you were travelling Nepal with one travel document on which you got the prior visa, it will be always convenient for you to show the same document during the departure. If lost or because of some unavoidable circumstance, you must first finish the course of visa transfer before your departure dates. (For visa transfer visit the Department of Immigration).
  16. If you are trying to get the departure together with a Nepali National or minor accompanied in your own liability then make sure that you are permitted by the concerned authority in Nepal. Nepal Immigration shall inquire on such matters as well.
  17. Educational Consultancies are bound to complete all the required process from the concerned government agency. If found not completed then the students will be offloaded. In such cases, the consultancy or the particular institution will be fully liable for the cancellation and compensation of the air tickets as well.
  18. Company representatives, business representatives, and sales representatives especially ladies travelling abroad must prove the genuinity of the documents. If found suspected the persons will be offloaded and the case will be under investigation.
  19. Recommendation letter from the concerned government agency is mandatory for students travelling abroad for internship or any vocational/non-vocational courses through colleges. Otherwise they will be offloaded. The documents submitted at airport at the time of departure should be genuine and if found suspected then the case will be under investigation.
  20. We always respect and welcome the foreigners visiting Nepal and expect you to respect the visa law in Nepal.
  21. Our officers are ready to serve you and we try to create the hassle free clearance at the Immigration Check Points.
  22. It will be more convenient for visa applicant to have a printed copy of your online visa application through online portal prior coming to the entry points and Department of Immigration.

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