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Departure Information

Departure Information

Both domestic and foreign nationals exiting out of Nepal from Tribhuvan International Airport should go through immigration checks. Valid travel document (Passport) and properly filled embarkation card should be presented to an immigration officer.

Desks are separated for different categories of passengers for quick and efficient immigration clearance. Identify your desk and proceed by following the signs placed for your convenience.



Foreign employment
Nepalese Citizens travelling for Foreign Employment
  1. Valid passport and Visa
  2. Boarding Pass to the final destination
  3.  Labour Permit issued by Government of Nepal
After you are done with immigration checks at Departure, proceed to security checks. Make sure you have your departure certified in your boarding pass and travel document (Passport). 
Counter No
1 to 14
Nepalese travelling on Student and Visit Visa
Nepalese citizens travelling on Tourist/Visit Visa should produce following evidences for Immigration clearance:
Passport and Visa
Nepalese nationals travelling abroad require valid Nepali passport and visa for the destination country except in case of countries where "Visa on Arrival" is available.
  1. Valid passport and Visa clarifying the purpose of travel, 
  2. Two-way air-ticket,
  3. Hotel booking
  4. A letter exhibiting details of the sponsor ( individual or institution)
  5.  1000 dollars ( cash/dollar stamping)
Nepali Citizens Travelling For Institutional Purpose:
  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Two-way air ticket
  3. A document showing institutional association
If you are travelling to visit your spouse (husband/wife) working in Gulf countries, you must produce recommendation letter issued by the concerned Nepalese Embassy verifying that you have been invited by your husband/wife.
Counter No
5 to 9
Foreign Nationals / Diplomats
Counter No
1 to 4
Counter No
Counter No